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The content of this page will be applicable to this website, managed and operated by Seiko NPC Corporation (we, or "Seiko NPC").
Please use this website after carefully reading "On Use of This Website."

On Use of This Website


The copyrights to the photographs, illustrations, documents, software, etc. posted and displayed on this Website are owned by Seiko NPC or third parties, and these copyrighted works are protected by the Copyright Act of Japan, and some other laws.
To use or utilize all or part of this content for any purpose is prohibited other than for browsing the website such as copying, alteration, distribution or diversion, without obtaining prior consent from the copyright holders including Seiko NPC.


Trademarks, service marks, logos, etc. posted and displayed on the website are registered trademarks or marks owned by Seiko NPC or third parties and are protected by the Trademark Act of Japan and some other laws.
Use of the name "Seiko NPC Corporation" or the "Seiko" logo in any way is prohibited without prior consent from Seiko NPC.

Intellectual property rights, etc.

We do not license customers to exercise and use the patent rights, trademark rights, design rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to any of the information posted and displayed on this website including photos, illustrations, documents, software, etc.


When using this website, the following acts are prohibited.

  • Acts that infringe the rights, property, privacy, etc. of a third party or Seiko NPC,
  • Acts that cause damage to a third party or Seiko NPC,
  • Acts that impair profits,
  • Acts that damage the credibility of a third party or Seiko NPC,
  • Business activities or commercial activities,
  • Criminal acts,
  • Acts contrary to the public order and morals,
  • Misconduct such as providing false information,
  • Any other acts that violate laws and regulations or bylaws.


If there is an error in any information posted and displayed on this website, including photographs, illustrations, documents, software, etc., and if any damage is incurred by a customer as a result of using such information, we will assume no liability whatsoever.
We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content of such information.
The contents of third-party sites that link to this website are managed and operated by the third parties. Therefore, we will assume no liability for the accuracy, etc. of the contents and information.

Export control

When exporting, directly or indirectly, technology and software provided, or products purchased through this website, the end user and final use shall be confirmed, and compliance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, Cabinet Order on Export Trade Control, and the Foreign Exchange Order, and other domestic and foreign relevant laws and regulations shall be required.
In addition, to export directly or indirectly to countries that are sanctioned by United Nations Security Council resolutions is prohibited. In addition, if necessary, please take appropriate domestic and foreign procedures such as obtaining a government export license or service transaction license.

Revision of Website Terms of Use

We will review the content of the terms of use of this website on a continuous basis and revise the terms of use without prior notice. Please check here each time you use this website to confirm the latest terms of use.