Kimio Yomogida

Our company has been started in 1975 as a Seiko Group company specializing in semiconductor devices. Since successfully developing PLL CMOS IC for CB radio, we have challenged ourselves to be the "first in the world" and the "best in the world" and have achieved these goals. Based on our original technology and the spirit of Seiko's founder to "always staying one step ahead of the times," we have continued to provide products that meet customers demands, and are celebrating our 50th anniversary since founding.
In recent years, expectations for semiconductor devices have been rising due to the digital transformation of industry and the development of communication technology.In the mobility field, advances in semiconductor technology will play an even more important role in improving performance and safety, especially in the development of driver assistance functions and autonomous driving technology. In the industrial field, factory automation, robot arm control and sensing technology, and in the medical field, visualization of daily life behavior and healthcare digital transformation, semiconductor devices will become the most important components in each field.
We hope to be of service to our customers by providing the key devices and solutions born from the challenge, and to be a company that is needed by society, both now and for the next 50 years.
Nasu-Shiobara Unit is our development and production base, located at the base area of the Nasu Highlands. The beautiful nature of the Nasu Highlands is an irreplaceable asset to us, and it gives people richness and new ideas. Our company will enrich society with the technologies and products created there, and create a future filled with smiles for people everywhere.

Seiko NPC Corporation
Kimio Yomogida