In response to the 17 development goals set out in the SDGs, we will contribute in the fields of product development, technological innovation, improvement of the working environment, conservation of water resources, and reduction of environmental impact.

Goals to which we can contribute

Contribute to people’s healthy lives through the product

Our product: Infrared sensor
With the global spread of new coronaviruses, there is an increasing demand for thermometers that can quickly measure the fever state of humans, which is a major symptom of the infections, without touching them. And the non-contact thermometer is an essential product for maintaining good health. We provide infrared sensor modules, which are essential components for non-contact thermometers, and contribute to people’s healthy lives.
In addition, we are proactively responding to the needs of overseas customers and realizing product creation through global partnership.

Improve the efficiency of energy use through the product

Our product: Crystal oscillator IC
Crystal oscillator IC is an important component in all electronic devices, and it not only saves energy as an IC product (low power consumption drive) but also realizes energy saving as a system incorporating the product. Energy-saving ICs improve energy use efficiency and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Furthermore, we are actively working to prevent air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution caused by harmful substances used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Innovate technology for value creation required in various industries and societies

Our product: Optical encoder
In the natural world, there are fluctuations in light, temperature, sound, electricity, magnetism, speed, etc., which cannot be fully understood by the human five senses.
Our sensor IC can detect these small fluctuations and supports a rich and comfortable life.
We obtained ISO9001 certification in 1994 and IATF16949 certification in 2006. In addition, we have established a quality policy of “contributing to social progress through products and services that are delighted by customers and trusted by customers, while being committed to quality first.” Therefore, we aim to provide products that customers can use at ease, and carry out continuous improvement activities.

Creation of ideal working environment where there is no discrimination and no inequality

We will work to “provide work styles that balance work and family,” “optimize time management,” and “increase get paid vacations,” and improve the working environment for employees. In addition, we will proactively promote the mental and physical health of employees by providing regular health checkups, regular stress checks, and information on health so that employees can work healthily and vigorously.
By establishing a telework environment, we support the work-life balance of employees and, in the event of an abnormal situation such as a natural disaster or epidemics of infectious diseases, we also support employees to work.

Conservation of sustainable water resources through conservative use and purification of factory wastewater

Factory effluent is reused as ultrapure water after removing impurities with ion-exchange resin and a filter only for water with a relatively low chemical concentration.Domestic wastewater and factory wastewater that is not suitable for recycling are neutralized, purified, and sterilized with chlorine at the treatment facility in our factory, and then released.

Reduce any burden on a global environment in all areas of our corporate activities

The Nasushiobara factory has received ISO14001 certification, and is continuously challenging to reduce greenhouse gas CO2, chemicals and industrial waste that cause global warming.
In addition, sludge is reused as a raw material for cement, so we have achieved 100% recycling rate of industrial waste.

Tochigi SDGs Promotion Company Registration System

We are registered with the Tochigi SDGs Promotion Company Registration System sponsored by the Tochigi Prefectural Industrial Promotion Center.
Registered in October 2021
This project encourages voluntary corporate activities by creating and declaring goals based on a checklist and conducting self-checks, and we will actively work as one of the prefecture’s companies.

Purpose of the system

We will establish a registration system in order to foster momentum for promotion of SDGs among companies in Tochigi Prefecture, promote independent efforts by companies to achieve SDGs, and improve corporate value and strengthen competitiveness.
Excerpt from Tochigi Prefecture Industrial Promotion Center HP