Quality assurance

We check each step in accordance with APQP to ensure product quality.
Incoming materials and outgoing products are inspected by the Quality Assurance Division.
Even when outsourcing a part of the manufacturing process, we promote quality assurance activities based on the same concepts as our own lines, such as product quality, process management, quality improvement activities, and troubleshooting, and thus work hard to maintain and improve quality, and prevent occurrence of abnormalities.

We evaluate the suitability of quality and reliability designs by reliability testing based on accumulated reliability data.

Semiconductor products are easily affected by the surrounding environment, so please handle and store them with sufficient care.

Introduces the in-house analysis system and analysis examples for identifying the location of failures and cause of defects.

Process information from production, processing, inspection, and shipping of products is recorded by lot number, which makes searching and tracking possible.

Aiming to harmonize with the global environment, we are working to reduce harmful chemical substances contained in our products, including our supply chain.