The Seiko NPC Philosophy, which is in harmony with Seiko's Group Purpose.
is the driving force behind our sustainable growth.
It is vital for all of us to completely understand the context of this philosophy, and for us take action in the light of this philosophy for the future.

SeikoGroup Purpose

As a company trusted by society,
we will constantly pursue innovation, inspiring
people everywhere, and creating a future full of smiles.

We will constantly take up the challenge to create innovative technologies, products, and services. By helping to solve social issues, we will contribute to society, inspire and build trust with our stakeholders, and create a future full of smiles.

Seiko NPCCorporate Philosophy

  • Promoting technical innovation through originality and creative challenges, and contributing to social development.
  • Valuing our customers highly, and establishing good relations with society through our business activities.
  • Striving for a strong, rewarding business, and where employees can have confidence and pride.

Seiko NPCCorporate Slogan

Stimulate Times with Precision and Accuracy

Seiko NPC, by pursuing high precision and accuracy,has provided the world with electric devices the time requires.
Seiko NPC will keep on stimulating the society with preciseness,and will continue to satisfy its customers.