We have established our own Quality Assurance System based on our Quality Policy, and are working on quality assurance practices to create highly reliable and environmentally friendly products.

Reasons why our product quality level is high

Our Nasushiobara Unit has obtained and is operating under ISO9001 and IATF16949 certifications as quality management systems to improve and raise quality levels.
In addition, in order to satisfy the strict quality standards required for electronic equipment, we have developed our own wafer IC inspection process (appearance inspection, electrical characteristics, etc.) and our own reliability testing environment, and have incorporated screening into the process for detecting defective products.

Quality Policy

Through listening carefully to our customers’ needs, we will contribute to the enrichment
of people’s lives and society by providing reliable products and services that balance quality,
cost, and delivery.

Reflections on our Quality Policy

Based on our quality policy, in order to deliver products that are trusted and appreciated
by our customers, we have built a consistent quality management system from development
to sales and are implementing systematic quality assurance activities.
In order to ensure that our products can be used with peace of mind, each and every
employee will continue to work on improvements, aiming for reliable quality and satisfying

Quality Management System


Developed by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), ISO9001 is an international standard for controlling and assuring quality. Seiko NPC received certification under the original standard in 1994 and under the 2015 version in 2017.

Original Approval date:1994/4/6Date of Certification:2023/11/2Date of expiration:2026/11/15Certificate body:BVJCCertificate No.JP024160


ISO/TS16949 is an uniform international standard based on the ISO9001 to which items specific to the automobile industry have been added. Seiko NPC acquired ISO/TS16949 certification in 2006 and updated it to IATF16949 in 2017.

Original Approval date:2006/2/13Date of Certification:2023/11/22Date of expiration:2026/11/21Certificate body:BVJCCertificate No.JP024234-IATF

In order to achieve quality that satisfies our customers, we show the process from planning, development, production to shipping and collaboration with each other.

We evaluate the suitability of quality and reliability designs by reliability testing based on accumulated reliability data.

Semiconductor products are easily affected by the surrounding environment, so please handle and store them with sufficient care.

Introduces the in-house analysis system and analysis examples for identifying the location of failures and cause of defects.

Process information from production, processing, inspection, and shipping of products is recorded by lot number, which makes searching and tracking possible.

Aiming to harmonize with the global environment, we are working to reduce harmful chemical substances contained in our products, including our supply chain.