We fulfill our social responsibility by realizing a work environment where each and every employee can work with peace of mind, and meanwhile continually improve our corporate performance.

Healthy business operations

From 2020, we will be disseminating the Health Management Declaration and building a promotion system.
The group promotion committee, human resources department, industrial physician, and health insurance association have been working together to promote and maintain the health of our employees.

Healthy business operations declaration

The vitality of a company's development lies in its people. People are our most important asset, and we actively work to maintain and improve the health of our employees. Furthermore, we will contribute to the development of a healthy society through the sustainable growth of the company by creating an environment where employees can maximize their abilities and work with enthusiasm.


<Initiative details>

Initiatives to improve mental and physical health
  • Implementation of regular health checkups for all employees (health checkup participation rate 100%)
  • Follow up with those with symptoms and conduct interviews with industrial physicians as necessary
  • Conduct stress checks for all employees
  • Implementation of counseling services by external counselors
  • Health seminars by experts
Work environment
  • No smoking during working hours as a measure to prevent passive smoking
  • Rest corner (health drink vending machines installed), outdoor walking course available
  • Enriching the telework environment

Through these efforts, in March 2023 we were certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization (Small and Medium Enterprise Category).

Initiatives for a comfortable working environment

Improving productivity and reducing overtime work

In order to realize work style reforms, we have designated every Wednesday and salary payday as no overtime work days, and have all employees leave work at the scheduled time.
In addition, we will contribute to reducing environmental impact with energy saving LEDs and air conditioning equipment, paperless initiatives, and building offices that facilitate remote work.

  • Encouraging employees to leave the office on time by PA announcement throughout the plant
  • Causal analysis and countermeasures for overtime work
Promoting improvements in annual leave taking rate
  • Taking 5 or more days of planned annual leave per year
  • Short annual leave system (taking in half-day units, hourly units)
Enforcement of intervals between shifts introduced
From FY 2019, we have begun initiatives to ensure employees' daily life and sleep time by setting a certain amount of rest time (interval) between the end of work on the previous day and the start of work on the next day.
Introduction of telework and staggered working hours
We have introduced a system that allows employees to work with discretion and responsibility by choosing where they work.
Upon application, employees are able to work from home or work staggered hours.
Accumulated leave system
We have introduced a system that allows employees to accumulate the number of days left over beyond the upper limit of their annual paid leave days as accumulated leave days, and such leave may be used for non-business related injury or sickness, disaster, childcare or family care.
Child care support

Based on the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, we have been working to create an environment in which employees can balance work and life by increasing and encouraging use of child care leave and reduced working hours for child care.
We have "shorter working hours for childcare," which allows employees to work shorter working hours per day, and a "half-day/hourly annual leave system," which allows employees to take annual leave in half-day or hourly units.

Childcare leave
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
1 person
3 persons
3 persons
2 persons
1 person
3 persons
2 persons
Shorter working hours for childcare
5 persons
4 persons
5 persons
3 persons
3 persons
3 persons
2 persons
3 persons
2 persons
3 persons
Promotion of active participation by all employees

Since 2014, we have been working to create an environment that makes it easier for women to work, including support for diverse work styles, conducting training and lectures on career development, enhancing support for people on childcare leave, and considering measures that will lead to men taking childcare leave.
Starting in 2017, we moved forward from our past promotion of active participation by women, and have been engaged in “all employee active participation promotion” activities aiming for very efficient work styles, such as work style reforms and the realization of a work-life balance.
Specifically, we revise systems, conduct training for managers and leaders in the workplace to create a comfortable workplace, and hold presentations on efforts in each workplace to share information on very efficient ways of working, and make use of such information in efforts in individual divisions.

Setting up a helpline

We have posted internal regulations regarding harassment and have set up a consultation service. All employees, including temporary staff, can consult.
The privacy of consulters and their related parties is protected and it is promised that nobody will be treated unfairly on the grounds of consulting or cooperating in confirming the facts.
We have also set up a consultation service for outsourced organizations via telephone and e-mail. Information on these contact points is distributed on the intranet and cards are distributed to inform employees.