Conflict minerals

As the conflict minerals issue has become a major international issue, Seiko NPC recognizes the importance of taking appropriate measures to address the issue and has established the ” Conflict Minerals Policy” in June 2013.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Seiko NPC is committed to developing, carrying out and promoting a policy that prohibits the use of any minerals (“conflict minerals” *1), whose extraction, trade, handling and export contribute to conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries, and/or lead to human rights violations.

  • Seiko NPC recognizes conflict minerals as a critical international issue that supports the financing of organizations engaging in human rights violations and/or injustices committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries.
  • In the Seiko NPC Charter of Basic Principle of Corporate Ethics, Seiko NPC clarifies that “Respecting fundamental human right and individuality, and building up a corporate culture with a broad vision which fosters the spirit of corporate ethics. ”
  • Seiko NPC has no intention of taking part in any actions that violate human rights. Seiko NPC has thoroughly communicated and appropriately implemented this policy among the staff of a company, and cooperates with them to disseminate the policy widely.
  • Seiko NPC asks our suppliers for their cooperation in following the policy.

*1 :Conflict minerals include cassiterite (tin), coltan (tantalum), wolframite (tungsten), and gold.

There is also a substance (cobalt) reported in regard to severe violation of human rights besides *1 . Seiko NPC will cope with the requirements from the industries.