32kHz-output oscillator is used for time control of electronic equipments. Seiko NPC provides IC lineup of AT-cut oscillators as well as conventional oscillators of tuning fork type. Furthermore, it provides IC lineup of real-time clock module which output time information.

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Device Features Supply voltage
oscillation frequency
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7701 series Since the products 7701 series has two oscillation circuits, it is possible to generate both the frequency of 32.768kHz and the frequency signal of MHz band by using only one IC. In addition, by using the above the products 7701 series , customers only need to prepare AT-cut crystal blanks, which reduce workload and costs for customers’ oscillator production.
Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C
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7202 series Crystal oscillator module IC with built-in oscillation circuit for AT-cut crystal oscillator, 32.768kHz frequency devided by 512 (or 1024), supporting 125℃ operation. 1.6〜3.63 16.777216MHz
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Fund. Fundamental Oscillator 3rd O.T. 3rd Overtone Oscillator SAW SAW Oscillator High freq. High-frequency
Diff. Differential output Ultra mini Ultra miniature package Wafer Wafer form Chip Chip form