Instructions on using our products

Generally, semiconductor products are susceptible to malfunction by influences of environment. Follow the following instructions when using Seiko NPC’s products.

1. Notes on handling

  • Ground the operator, jig, operation table, and equipment. Do not apply static electricity to the product.
  • Do not contact a charged object or keep it away from the product.
  • Use an ionizer at processes and equipment that generate static electricity.
  • Do not exceed the absolute maximum ratings.
  • Lower the thermal stress and temperature stress imposed on the product as much as possible.
  • Do not insert the product in the reverse direction.
  • Avoid application of a surge voltage to the product from the tester during measurement.

2. Notes on storage

  • Store the product at a location where temperature is 5 to 30°C and relative humidity is 40 to 60%.
  • Avoid storing the product at a location subject to abrupt temperature change and condensation.
  • Avoid storing the product at a location where subject to corrosive gas and dust.
  • Store the product in a container that is difficult to charge.
  • Do not apply any pressure to the product while it is stored.

3. Storage period

  • 3. 1. Product in water vapor-proof package
  • Use the product within the indicated storage limit.
  • Use the product within 2 weeks after opening the water vapor-proof package.
  • When reflowing the product for the second time, do so within 2 weeks after the first reflow.
  • After the above limit have expired, bake the product at 125°C for 24 hours, and check its solderability before using it.
  • 3. 2. Product not in water vapor-proof package
  • The limit period of storing the product is 1 year as the lead may be rusted.
  • After 1 year, check the solderability and rust on the lead of the product before using it.

4. Notes on packaging container

  • Usually, trays, sticks, and embossed tapes are not mechanically durable nor do they have a resistance to heat. To bake the product, move it to other heat-resistive container.
  • When moving the product to another container, be careful not to damage its lead.
  • If the container is heat-resistive, it has inscription such as “HEAT PROOF” or “135°C” on it.

5. Mounting temperature profile

  • Plastic package products may malfunction if they are subjected to abrupt temperature change during the mounting process. Seiko NPC recommends the following temperature profile when mounting.

Infrared reflow method for lead-free products
Infrared reflow method for lead-free products

6. Notes on handling of wafers and chips

Although wafers and chips are covered by protective coat, pay careful attention not to scratch products because the coatings are not for damages from outside.
Also, use control systems when mounting or packaging ICs so that you can make sure to trace each lot of wafers and chips.