SMH-01B01-02 is a thermopile-type infrared array sensor module that features an 8×8 array of sensor elements to detect and convert the infrared energy within an area to a signal for output.
It is equipped with a Si-lens optical system, and features an MCU with built-in A/D converter that generates digital output, on an I2C interface, of both the converted emission temperature of each sensor element and the ambient temperature from a temperature sensor mounted on the sensor chip.
The module also has a built-in 20 to 200 variable gain preamplifier which enables measurement of wide temperature range using auto range control by software.
Compared with existing sensors, advantages of this module are high output sensitivity and wide range of temperature detection that satisfy the needs of electronic and industrial equipments(air-conditioner, medical equipment, automobile, etc.).


・64 elements in 8×8 square array configuration
・Switchable frame measurement speed:4,2,1fps (switching by software)
・Si lens optical system:35°total field-of-view angle
(between peak value of elements on both sides)
・Digital output by 10-bit ADC (I2C)
・Gain switching for measurement extension up to 250°C using variable-gain preamplifier (25°C ambient
temperature environment)
・Ambient temperature detection using band-gap sensor, with built-in temperature correction coefficient
・Emission temperature resolution: ±1.5℃
・Supply voltage: 5.0V±5%
・Current consumption: 5mA(typ.)
・Storage temperature: -40 to 100℃, Operating temperature: -20 to 100℃
(temperature characteristics confirmation range: 5 to 45℃)

Block Diagram


Disaster prevention monitoring equipment, security device, simple thermography equipment, air conditioner, microwave oven


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