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Device Product category Replecement products Registration date
SM5073 Oscillator 2011.10.1
SM5158 PLL 2011.10.1
SM5302 Video Buffer SM5309 2014.3.15
SM5305 Video Buffer 2011.10.1
SM5308 Video Buffer SM5309 2014.3.15
SM5839 Other(Shift register) 2011.10.1
SM5865 DA Converter 2014.3.15
SM6503 Diode Array 2011.10.1
SM6801A Class-D Amplifier SM6803A 2011.10.1
SM8212 POCSAG 2011.10.1
SM8224 Communication Controller 2011.10.1
SM8707 Clock Generator 2011.10.1

Note. As for SM8707, SM8707E and SM8707F versions are excluded.