Customized IC satisfies your specific needs!

カスタムIC受託開発Since founded in 1975, NPC has produced various kinds of customized IC that meets each customer’s requirements. NPC will certainly fulfill your needs such as “mixed signal LSI like this, like that”, by making the best of its long- cultivated analog technology and semiconductor factory of its own.

Advantages of NPC

  • Capable of both developing and mass-producing analog/digital mixed signal LSI.
  • Possesses know-hows of designing analog circuits(toward high-precision, low-noise, etc.).
  • Skilled in differentiating products through process tuning (transistor, passive component, sensor component).
  • Possesses Poly-Silicon process, Bi-CMOS process, Molybdenum-Gate process.
  • Capable of producing non-volatile memory, light-transforming component.
  • Undertakes production of small amount which is difficult for a large manufacturer.

Past achievements of customized IC

Optical Sensor IC, Communication IC, Motion Sensor IC, IC for industrial equipments, IC for AV devices, Crystal Oscillator IC, Clock IC

Flow from initial meeting to mass-production

Flow of Customizing

*Designing: circuit design, layout design, package/module design

e.g. a Model for Sensor Products

ex. Model for Sensor Products

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