High-precision Encoder Head Configurable for Small Gaps, Achieving Better than Submicron Resolution and Miniaturization, Ideal for Embedding in Applications

The SMD-01A is a miniature, reflective optical encoder head that incorporates a LED and high-precision analog amplifier. It generates low-noise high-precision analog signals, due to the unique semiconductor process used to fabricate the CMOS amplifier, and achieves better-than-submicron high resolution, in combination with an interpolation circuit.

It reduces signal degradation caused by errors in mounting position to a minimum, greatly reducing the assembly process workload required for a high-precision encoder, and simultaneously supports the miniaturization and high accuracy requirements of customer’s products.



  • Miniature package: 14-pin HCOB (5.3 × 4.3 × 1.68mm)
  • High-precision A/B-phase analog outputs
  • Noise-resistant differential output support
  • Reduced effects due to variations in the relative position of the scale for simplified assembly processing
  • 5V or 3.3V supply voltage operation
  • Supply voltage range: 3.13 to 5.25V (SWV=H)
    4.75 to 5.25V (SWV=L or H)
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +60°C

Miniature Size

Supports configurations with gap of less than 4mm between glass scale (required separately) and encoder (including PCB).
Ideal for use as an encoder embedded in applications.


High Precision

Single-chip encoder achieves better than submicron resolution with its high-class signal precision, in combination with an external interpolation circuit.

High Precision

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Typical Applications

Ideal as encoder in applications requiring: Miniaturization / Light weight / High precision

  • Assembly machines
  • Laser optical axis control
  • Measuring instruments
  • High-precision rotary encoders
  • Stages
  • Actuators
  • Various miniature motors


SMD-01A_ND16001E01(655.1 KB)

Application Note

SMD-01A_ND16002E00(431.4 KB)