Corporate Philosophy

  • Promoting technical innovation through originality and creative challenges, and contributing to social development.
  • Valuing our customers highly, and establishing good relations with society through our business activities.
  • Striving for a strong, rewarding business, and where employees can have confidence and pride.

Basic Principle of Corporate Ethics

Seiko NPC Corporation fulfills its corporate social responsibility by complying with statutes, respecting social ethics, and setting up healthy and sensible corporate ethics.
Based on this approach, Seiko NPC Corporation has established the following as its Basic Principle of Corporate Ethics.

  1. Complying with the low and rules of the countries and regions where business is conducted and engaging in fair practices in the light of social ethics.
  2. Aiming to become a sensible corporate citizen, and striving for harmony with society.
  3. Disclosing information in a timely fashion, and engaging in honest and transparent communications.
  4. Protecting the irreplaceable earth and contributing to the preservation on the environment.
  5. Respecting fundamental human right and individuality, and building up a corporate culture with a broad vision which fosters the spirit of corporate ethics.