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「Move Forward」

Seiko NPC continues to provide electronic devices for which precision has been pursued for communication equipment, industrial equipment, automobile equipment, and medical equipment by developing through originality and challenges, under the corporate slogan of “Stimulate Times with Precision and Accuracy”.

In particular, the oscillator product group has a world-leading market share due to its features of small size, low power consumption, and high accuracy, and is highly praised by customers.

With the development of information technology such as Smartphone and IoT system, a social environment with diversity has been realized by relating and conveying people to people, people to things, things to things. From now on, how to convey and the contents are more and more important.

Our high-precision oscillators and high-sensitivity sensors are essential products for transmitting information correctly and meaningfully.

Through these products, we, Seiko NPC, continue to provide key components that support a new Simulated Times in order to make people happy, to feel secure, and to feel the richness of their hearts in being related, then, we will move forward strongly.

Yoichi Endo