Company activities and awards Products and Technologies
1975 Nippon Precision Circuits Inc.established
2-inch production line completed
Development of the world’s first PLL CMOS IC for CB radio
1976 Development of the world’s first quartz lock LSI for record players
1978 Development of CMOS LSI for a clock running at 1V
1979 Increased capital to 250 million yen
1983 Commercialized multi-layer molybdenum-gate CMOS process

Development of the PLL for 200-MHz CMOS LSI

1984 Development of the 121-order linear phase FIR digital filter LSI for CD players
1987 Received the Nikkei Excellent Service Award for the digital filter IC for recording and playback
1989 6-inch production line completed
Technology Magazine” Award for the high-performance 20-bit 8fs digital filter IC, the “SM5803AP”
1990 Development of the 1-bit DAC (Σ DECO) for audio
1992 Development of the PLL for pagers running at 1V and 90MHz
1993 Development of the asynchronous sample rate converter IC for audio
1994 Acquired ISO9001 accreditation
Received the “Radio Technology Magazine” Award for the asynchronous sample rate converter for audio, the “SM5844AF”
Development of the world’s first compression type shock-proof memory controller
1996 Acquired ISO14001 accreditation
1997 Development of the EL driver IC
1998 Development of the world’s first digital filter IC for High-resolution audio
1999 Acquired QS-9000 accreditation
2000 Development of the quick charge control IC for NiMH/NiCd battery

Development of the high-frequency BiCMOS oscillator IC

2002 Development of the high-speed target tracking vision chip
2003 Crystal oscillator IC won a prize of encouragement from Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation Development of the radio controlled clock receiver IC

Development of the white LED driver IC and the video filter/buffer IC

2004 Vision chip won a prize of Technology from The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Development of the FSK Tranceiver IC for Specified Low Power Radio Station
2005 Nippon Precision Circuits Inc.’s equity ownership shifts to Seiko Corporation.
2006 Nippon Precision Circuits Inc. changed its company name to Seiko NPC Corporation.
Increased capital to 1 billion yen.
Acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
2007 Opened Taiwan Liaison Office.
2008 Announced thermopile infrared-sensor chip with built-in amplifier on ISSCC 2008.
2009 Developed high-precision crystal oscillator IC with frequency adjustment function built-in
2011 Started mass production and shipment of compact, high-precision optical encoder
2012 Development of the optical sensor IC of ultra-small package, and the voltage controlled crystal oscillator IC of low phase noise
2013 Acquired patent for VCXO IC with built-in varicap
2014 Corporate slogan 「Stimulate Times with Precision and Accuracy」 established Development of the magnetic sensor module
2015 Acquired patent for multi-band receiver IC for radio clock Development of the 50dpi magnetic line sensor module
2016 Development of the COB type infrared sensor module
2017 Acquired IATF16949 accreditation
2018 Developed a Dual output type crystal oscillator IC
2019 Developed crystal oscillators of “7101 series” for automotive use
2020 Started telework at sales offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Taiwan according to the number of people infected with COVID-19. Developed a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)  IC
2021 Started research and development of crystal oscillator circuit for post 5G information communication system with the adoption of a national subsidy project.
Obtained a basic patent for production technology using a gold black layer that realizes high sensitivity in infrared sensors.
Increased production of SPXO, TCXO and sensor products, increasing IC testers and handlers.
Developed a new package of optical encoder for servo motor control