Environmental conservation activities

Our environmental conservation activities in harmony with a rich natural environment

Environmental conservation activities

The Seiko NPC’s main factory is located in Nikko National Park surrounded by a rich natural environment. Since the foundation of the factory, we have tackled on the environmental problems in an effort to protect and harmonize with this natural environment.

Seiko NPC’s factory is located adjacent to a national park and we must observe environmental standards that are more stringent than the national standards. Seiko NPC makes the great efforts to protect the environment by establishing our own strict standards as well as observing the obligatory standards.

We organize and perform our environmental conservation activities in conformance with ISO 14001, the international standard of environmental management system.

Environmental policies

[Basic philosophy]

Seiko NPC aims at corporate activities and growth in comformity with its environment. Through developing, manufacturing and selling semiconductor products, Seiko NPC contributes to realize sustainable recycling-oriented society which reduces burden on the earth, so that we can continue to live together with natural environment.

[Action policy]

  1. Seiko NPC not only observes laws and regulations but also pays close attention to and copes exactly with environmental trends and movements.
  2. Seiko NPC promotes to realize recycling-oriented society by effectively applying environmental management system.
  3. Seiko NPC not only makes efforts to reduce burden on environment, but also continues activities on valuing and saving limited energy and resources.
  4. Seiko NPC challenges to develop innovative technologies and products which realize recyling-oriented society.
  5. Seiko NPC makes positive efforts to collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders on environmental problems, as well as improving awareness of its employees through in-house training and education.


Seiko NPC (Nasushiobara Unit: Nasu-Shiobara-shi, Tochigi Japan) acquired certification under ISO14001 in March 1996.

Certification Original
Approval date
Date of Certification Date of expiration Certificate body Certificate No.
1996/3/29 2020/3/29 2023/3/29 SGS JP08/070252