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Crystal oscillator IC – the world’s leading products support your everyday life

Crystal oscillator IC - the world’s leading products support your everyday lifeYou may not have heard the word “crystal oscillator”, one of quite ubiquitous electrical devices which supports your daily life. Crystal oscillator sends out stable electric wave which is a critical standard signal controling various electrical instruments, such as smartphone, tablet, personal computer, flat-panel TV, DVD player, mobile base station, etc., and contributs to accurate communication. NPC IC’s are set in a crystal oscillator and works as key components which create the stable standard signals.


Timepiece“Clock” is built in many electrical apparatus. For example, lighting equipments which emit light at a fixed time, cameras and recorders which automatically records the time and date, portable terminals which you may use when you need to know the time. Clock in a small apparatus must be exact for a long time with so little consumption of electricity, sometimes in a severe temperature condition. NPC’s timepiece IC, with advantages of high precision, low electricity consumption and superior stability in various temperatures, creates exact time and supports your daily life. Exactness is indispensable also in a smart community which aims at efficient use of energy.


SensorSensor converts various changes around you into electric signals. That means sensor serves as your five senses, i.e., seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. However, sensor is not a simple substitute of human sense. Human sense is unable to catch all the changes constantly happening in nature, e.g., changes of light, temperature, sound, electricity, magnetism, speed. NPC’s sensor IC is superb enough to detect these delicate, subtle changes and make your life confortable.

Customized IC

Since founded, NPC has produced customized IC in accordance with each customer’s specific requests. For more information, please see here.