These days, more and more servers, computer equipments and network devices are accelerating both speed and integration, which lead to temperature rise in equipment components. Machines and applications are increasing that are required to function stably in the heat. Crystal oscillators, the standard clock source of these devices, are also needed to operate stably under hot environments.

In order to satisfy recent market needs for high temperature, Seiko NPC is expanding its product lineups through raising reliability to its wafer manufacturing processes and designing ideal circuits operable in high temperature.

Seiko NPC will continue developing crystal oscillator ICs of excellent stability in hot environments.


High Temperature Products (105 or 125℃) 

(*) : corresponding to 105℃
※All of below are under mass production
※There are non-corresponding versions.  Please refer for the details to our sales department.

for Clock Oscillator 5052 series5053 series(*)、5054H series
for Differential output oscillator 5060/5061/5062 series
for VCXO
for 32kHz output






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