These are the discontinued products. Please do not plan to utilize these products.
Any question about these products, please contact us.

Device Product category
5007 series Oscillator
5012 series Oscillator
5020 series Oscillator
5050 series Clock Generator
SM5839 Other(Shift register)
SM5305 Video Buffer
SM5309A Video Buffer
SM8172 Power Supply
SM8707 Clock Generator
WF8591 Oscillator
SM5958A Sample Rate Converter
SM5865 DA Converter
SM5956 Sample Rate Converter
SM3600AP Magnetic Sensor
25542 PLL
M/SM1105 Melody
M/SM1106 Melody
M1107 Melody
M1108 Melody
M1109 Melody
M/SM1122 Melody
M/SM1123 Melody
SM1124 Melody
SM1126 Melody
M1130 Melody
M/SM1131 Melody
SM1140 Melody
M1170 Melody
M1171 Melody
M1190 Melody
M1191 Melody
M1210 Melody
M1220 Melody
M/SM1221 Melody
M1301 Melody
SM1310 Melody
M/SM1311 Melody
SM1400 Other
SM2400 Other
D2816C PLL
D2824C PLL
SM4712 Other
SC47244 Other
SC47374 Other
SC47521 Other
SC47646 Other
SC47841 Other
5003 series Oscillator
5004 series Oscillator
5013 series Oscillator
C5121 PLL
C5122 PLL
SM5124 PLL
SM5125 PLL
SM5128 PLL
SM5130 PLL
SM5131 PLL
SM5132 PLL
SM5133 PLL
SM5134 PLL
SM5135 PLL
SM5142 PLL
SM5152 PLL
SM5153 PLL
SM5154 PLL
SM5156 PLL
SM5157 PLL
SM5160 PLL
SM5162 PLL
SM5164 PLL
SM5165 PLL
SM5166 PLL
SM5168 PLL
SM5170 PLL
SM5301 Video Buffer
SM5306 Video Buffer
SM5312 Video Buffer
SM5313 Video Buffer
SM5318 Video Buffer
SM5319 Video Buffer
SM5330 Video Buffer
SM5351 Audio Video Switch
CF5543 Clock
SM5543 Clock
SM5544 Clock
SM5545 Clock
SM5547 Clock
SM5567 Clock
SM5571 Clock
SM5601 Oscillator
SM5602 Oscillator
SM5603 Oscillator
5605 series Oscillator
SM5606 Oscillator
SM5607 Oscillator
SM5609 Oscillator
5610 series Oscillator
5613 series Oscillator
5614 series Oscillator
SM5615 Oscillator
SM5616 Oscillator
5617 series Oscillator
SM5618 Oscillator
5619 series Oscillator
SM5622 Oscillator
5623 series Oscillator
5624 series Oscillator
SM5625 Oscillator
5626 series Oscillator
SM5631 Clock
CF5703 Watch
CF5707 Watch
CF5734 Clock
SM5734 Clock
SM5740 Clock
CF5750 Clock
SM5800 Digital Filter
SM5801 Digital Filter
SM5802 Digital Filter
SM5804 Digital Filter
SM5805 Digital Filter
SM5806 Digital Filter
SM5807 Digital Filter
SM5808 Other
SM5810 Other
SM5813 Digital Filter
SM5814 Digital Filter
SM5815 Digital Filter
SM5816 DSD Signal Processor
SM5817 Digital Filter
SM5818 Digital Filter
SM5819 DSD Signal Processor
SM5820 Other
SM5823 Other
SM5824 Shift Register
SM5825 Other
SM5828 Shift Register
SM5829 Shift Register
SM5830 Shift Register
SM5831 Other
SM5833 Other
SM5834 Other
SM5835 Digital Filter
SM5837 Other
SM5838 Other(FIFO)
SM5840 Digital Filter
SM5841 Digital Filter
SM5842 Digital Filter
SM5843 Digital Filter
SM5844 Sample Rate Converter
SM5846 Digital Filter
SM5849 Sample Rate Converter
SM5851 Audio DSP
SM5852 Audio DSP
SM5853 Audio DSP
SM5855 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5856 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5857 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5858 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5859 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5860 Audio D/A Converter
SM5861 Audio D/A Converter
SM5864 Audio D/A Converter
SM5866A DA Converter
SM5870 Digital Filter
SM5871 Digital Filter
SM5872 D/A Converter
SM5875 D/A Converter
SM5876 Audio D/A Converter
SM5877 D/A Converter
SM5878 D/A Converter
SM5879 Audio D/A Converter
SM5880 Digital Filter
SM5881 Digital Filter
SM5882A DA Converter
SM5883A Audio D/A Converter
SM5883B DA Converter
SM5885C DA Converter
SM5901 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5902 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5903 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5904 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5905 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5906 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5907 Shock Proof Memory Controller
SM5951 DSD Signal Processor
SM5953 Surround Processor
SM5961 Audio Processor
SM6011 A/D Converter
SM6100 A/D Converter
SM6102 A/D Converter
SM6103 A/D Converter
SM6104 A/D Converter
SM6105 A/D Converter
SM6106 A/D Converter
SM6150 A/D Converter
SM6155 A/D Converter
SM6430 Other
SC6433 Other
SM6453A EVR/EVR+Headphone Amp
SM6702 Power Supply
SM6780 Battery Charger
SM6800 Class-D Amplifier
SM6802 Class-D Amplifier
QS7779 Surround
QS7785 Surround
SM7831 Other
SM8120 White LED Driver
SM8122A White LED Driver
SM8130 White LED Driver
SM8131 White LED Driver
SM8132 White LED Driver
SM8133 White LED Driver
SM8134 White LED Driver
SM8135 White LED Driver
CF8140 EL Driver
SM8140 EL Driver
CF8141 EL Driver
SM8141 EL Driver
SM8142A EL Driver
SM8143 EL Driver
SM8144 EL Driver
SM8145 EL Driver
SM8146 EL Driver
SM8150 Power Management
SM8152 Power Management
SM8158 Power Management
SM8170 Multi Power Supply
SM8210 Communications Controller
SM8211 Communications Controller
SM8220 Communications Controller
SM8221 Communications Controller
SM8222 Communications Controller
CF8223 Communications Controller
SM8230 Communications Controller
SM8505 Other
SM8513 Communications Controller
SM8530 Other
NR8576B Real Time Clock
SM8577 Real Time Clock
SM8613 LD Driver
SM8701 Clock Generator
SM8706 Clock Generator
SM8720 Clock Generator
SM8721 Clock Generator
SM8750 Data Jitter Measurement
SM8760 Clock Generator
SM8761 Clock Generator
SM8770 Clock Generator
SM8774 Clock Generator
SM9105 Other
SM9404 Other
5008 series Oscillator
SM5320 Video Buffer
CF5008 Oscillator
CF5034 Oscillator
SM5847 Digital Filter
SM5874 Audio D/A Converter
CF8623 Driver
SM8624 Driver
SM8703 Clock Generator
SM5950A Sample Rate Converter
5011 series Clock
5073 series Oscillator
SM5073 Oscillator
5086 series Oscillator
5087 series Oscillator
CF1156 Melody
SM5307 Video Buffer
SM5309B Video Buffer
SM6503 Diode Array
SM6611 Temperature Switch
SM6801A Class-D Amplifier
SM6803A Class-D Amplifier
SM8136 White LED Driver
SM8178 Power Supply
SM5302 Video Buffer
SM5304A Video Buffer
SM5308 Video Buffer
SM5921A Audio
SM6661A  Amplifier
SM5803 Audio
5074 series Oscillator
SM5158 PLL
SM8224 Communication Controller
SM1125 Melody
CF1155 Melody
SM1155 Melody
SM1350 Melody
SM3320 Optical Sensor
SM3321 Optical Sensor
SM3322 Optical Sensor
SM3800 Amplifier for Sensor
5705 series Watch
5760 series Clock
5761 series Clock
SM6610 Temperature Sensor
SM6661 Post-amplifier
SM6781B Battery Charger
SM8121A White LED Driver
SM9501A Radio Controlled Clock
SM9507 Radio Controlled Clock
WF/CF5002 series Oscillator
WF/CF5005 series Oscillator
WF/CF5006 series Oscillator
WF/CF5009 series Oscillator
WF/CF5010 series Oscillator
WF/CF5014 series Oscillator
WF/CF5015 series Oscillator
WF/CF5016 series Oscillator
WF/CF5017 series Oscillator
WF/CF5018 series Oscillator
WF/CF5019 series Oscillator
SM5002 series Oscillator
SM5005 series Oscillator
SM5006 series Oscillator
SM5009 series Oscillator
SM5010 series Oscillator
SM5021 series Oscillator
SM5022 series Oscillator
SM5023 series Oscillator
SM5024 series Oscillator
WF5025 series Oscillator
WF/CF5026 series Oscillator
WF/CF5029 series Oscillator
WF/CF5035 series Oscillator
WF/CF5036 series Oscillator
WF/CF5037 series Oscillator
WF/CF5059H series Oscillator
WF/CF5072 series Oscillator
CF5074 series Oscillator
WF/CF5075 series Oscillator
WF/CF5076 series Oscillator
WF/CF5077 series Oscillator
WF/CF5078 series Oscillator
CF5079 series Oscillator
5091A Oscillator
WF5095A Oscillator
WF5096A Oscillator
WF/CF5410 series Oscillator
WF/CF5420 series Oscillator
CF7051 series Oscillator
CF7321 series Oscillator
NR8576 series Real Time Clock
SM8578B Real Time Clock
SM8580A Real Time Clock
8592A Real Time Clock
SMD-01 Optical Encoder
CF3412A Optical Encoder
SM3470BB Interpolation IC
SM3471AB Interpolation IC
SM3473 Interpolation IC
SMH-02B01 Infrared Sensor
SM3605AB Interface
SM8142 EL Driver