Expansion of encoder-related product lineup

In addition to “SMD-01” (miniature reflective optical encoder head) and “SM3470BB” (high-precision interpolation IC) that are receiving good reputation for their excellent performance, Seiko NPC developed and marketed “CF3412A” (transmission-type linear absolute encoder IC) and “SM3471AB” (interpolation IC). By expanding product lineup of encoder-circuit including signal processing unit, Seiko NPC contributes to customer’s requirements for encoder equipments.

img-smd01“SMD-01” Reflective linear incremental A/B-phase encoder IC

  • LED and OEIC fabricated in a miniature clear-mold package (5.3 x 4.3 x 1.7mm)
  • High precision (20μm period output signal)
  • Easy to mount (employing optical sensor array that reduces signal degradation due to variations in mounting position)

Under mass production

“CF3412A” Transmission-type linear absolute encoder IC

  • High-speed, high-precision absolute encoder head that incorporates all required functions (photodiodes for absolute/incremental encoders, preamplifier for incremental encoders, comparator for absolute encoders, serial interface) in a single chip.

Under mass production

img-sm3470b-1“SM3470BB” Interpolation IC (provides up to 32-fold interpolation, high speed/frequency)

  • Interpolation circuit of A/B/Z-phase signal, offset adjustment function and comparator built in a single chip
  • Interpolation switching function selectable from 1 to 32, from 5 to 20
  • Offset adjustment function by serial I/F
  • Operable under 125℃ which is ideal for industrial equipments

Under mass production

“SM3471AB” Interpolation IC (provides up to 16-fold interpolation)

  • Specialized for up to 16-fold interpolation by refining SM3470BB techniques
  • Low power consumption, ease of use by simplified function setup

Under mass production


Seiko NPC Corporation aims to further develop encoder products to support high-temperature encoder head applications and other configurations, with an expanded interpolation factor lineup.
Also, Seiko NPC will be sure to satisfy your needs by customizing these products. Please feel free to contact our sales department.

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