Time exists everywhere around your life, not only in watches and clocks but also in large systems, all of which require both high precision and low power consumption. Seiko NPC has long cultivated IC technologies that fully satify such requirements.

Timepiece Products

Real Time Clock

*Link to real time clock ICs ( for Crystal oscillator products)

Supply voltage
Current consumption
NR8576 Series Crystal oscillator element built-in
Serial interface
2.5 to 5.5*1 1.0 typ*2 SOP-14-101050-1 Mature Products to be Discontinued
SM8578B 3-wire serial interface
Alarm and timer interrupt functions
1.6 to 5.5*1 0.5 typ*2 VSOP-8-031044-1 Mature Products to be Discontinued
SM8580A Temperature sensor built-in
4-bit parallel interface
Alarm interrupt function
1.6 to 5.5*1 0.6 typ*2 SSOP-24-100054-1 Mature Products to be Discontinued

*1: It is specified only for clock and calendar operating voltage. Operating voltage for CPU access is specified by the other specification.
*2: It is specified for only when clock and calendar circuit operating. In this case accessing to CPU is not possible.

Custom IC Development