Impact of Earthquake

Following is the details and the impact of the earthquake occurred on Nov.22, 2016 at the offshore of Fukushima Prefecture.

  1. Details of the earthquake
    (1) Time and date of occurrence: Nov.22, 2016, 5:59 am
    (2) Epicenter: Offshore of Fukushima Pref. (lat. 37°30′N. , long. 141.6 E., depth 10km)
    (3) Maximum seismic intensity: 5 lower
    (4) Magnitude: 7.3
  2. Impact to Seiko NPC
    The magnitude at the location of Seiko NPC (Nasushiobara city) was as low as 3.0.
    There was no damage to the facilities and buildings of the factory, nor was any impact to its operation.