Developed “SMH-02B01”,
Thermopile-type Infrared Array Sensor Module with 16 x 16 elements
Dramatically improved, the number of elements to 4 times and the viewing angle to 2.5 times compared to conventional products

SEIKO NPC Corporation (HQ : Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President : Hiroaki Okawa) has developed thermopile-type infrared array sensor module with 16 x 16 elements “SMH-02B01”, miniaturized by Si-lens optical system for far infrared radiation, detection circuit and control MCU mounted on a single board, number of elements increased and viewing angle widened.The module contributes to productization of sensor applications, such as temperature detection of human body and object that require to be detected with high accuracy, whose needs are increasing today.

This module is implemented with Si-lens optical system and array sensor with multiple infrared sensor elements. It detects the infrared radiant energy of an object at a distance, and digitally outputs a thermal image by its microcomputer equipped with A/D converter(4 lines synchronous SPI). A variable preamplifier with a gain of 20 to 200 times is built in the sensor IC, and the temperature detection range can be switched by control software.

Product Features


1. 256 elements, High resolution/wide detection range with viewing angle of 90 degrees

Compared with conventional product(SMH-01B01:64 elements,viewing angle of 35 degrees), the number of elements is increased by 4 times and the viewing angle is widened by 2.5 times.This makes it possible to distinguish the outline of an object much more clearly and widely.

2.Range switching function

Temperature detection range can be changed finely through the range switching function, which enables the module to be used in various applications such as energy-saving household appliances, security equipment, industrial equipment, etc.

3.High sensitivity, quick thermal response

Au-black absorbing film with a high infrared absorption rate is adopted in the sensor element, which achieves high sensitivity and quick thermal response.


  • 256 elements in 16×16 square array configurationSMH02B01
  • Si-lens optical system : 90°total field-of-view angle
    (between peak value of elements on both sides)
  • Emission temperature resolution: ±1.5℃
  • Switchable frame measurement speed:4/2/1FPS(switching by software) *1
  • Supply voltage: 5.0V±5%, Current consumption: 10mA(typ)
  • Storage temperature: -10 to 60℃
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50℃
  • Module dimensions: 34.5×57.3×10.95mm *2
  • Digital output by 10-bit ADC (4 lines synchronous SPI)
  • Voltage value and radiation temperature conversion output possible
  • Sensor IC with built-in 20 to 200 variable gain preamplifier, Range changeable using control software *3
  • Ambient temperature detection using band-gap sensor,with built-in temperature correction coefficient

    *1 The frame rate of the current prototype is fixed at 4 FPS.
    *2 The module size will be changed smaller at the time of product release.
    *3 The magnification of the current prototype is fixed to the maximum value.



  • Human body detection system for energy saving, disaster prevention monitoring equipment, security device, simple thermography equipment, air conditioner etc


Example of Temperature Images


Block Diagram


Layout, and Dimensions



Exhibition Information

We are looking for your visit to “Smart Sensing 2017”, where you can see exhibition and demonstration of this product.

Date: June 7(Wed) -9(Fri), 2017
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 1 – 2


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