Low phase noise, small chip size
~NPC releases LV-PECL output, SPXO module IC “7051 series”~

SEIKO NPC Corporation (HQ: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Okawa) has released LV-PECL output , SPXO module IC “7051 series”.


The “7051 series” is LV-PECL output SPXO module IC operable at 2.5V, supporting both fundamental oscillation (80MHz to 320MHz) and 3rd overtone oscillation (105MHz to 170MHz). The series is developed through BiCMOS process which enables the IC to be applied to various LV-PECL output terminal circuits.


  • Low phase noise that realizes stable and high-grade communication (phase jitter reduced 70% compared with existing products)
  • Small chip size that allows crystal oscillator modules to be implemented into 3.2mm x 2.5mm package, improving flexibility of layout design
  • Operable up to 125℃, that expands your options much wider


7051 chips in a tray

  • Oscillator :Fundamental frequency oscillation(Ax,Bx)
    :3rd overtone oscillation(Mx,Nx)
  • Output frequency (fOUT) :fOSC(Oscillator frequency),fOSC/2,fOSC/4
  • Recommended oscillation frequency (Fundamental frequency)
  • Oscillator frequency :80MHz to 320MHz
  • Output type  :Differential LV-PECL
  • Chip size : X=0.90mm,Y=0.94mm (measured between scribe line centers)
  • Operating voltage : 2.375 to 3.63V
  • Phase noise characteristics(typ):-130dBc/Hz (A1 version, 1kHz offset, f=122.88MHz (γ=330, C0=1.6pF))-155dBc/Hz (A1 version, 10MHz offset, f=122.88MHz)
  • RMS jitter(typ)  :0.15 ps@A 1version ,12kHz to 20MHz, f=122.88MHz
  • Operating temperature range : – 40 to +125℃
  • Application: Base station, SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, LTE




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