Low power consumption, small chip size
~NPC releases CMOS IC “7202 series”, 32.768kHz output for crystal oscillator module~

SEIKO NPC Corporation (HQ: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Okawa) has released CMOS IC “7202 series” for crystal oscillator modules.


“7202 series” is CMOS IC for crystal oscillator modules, capable to generate 32.768kHz output and operable up to 125℃, equipped with built-in AT-cut crystal oscillation circuit.

  • Wide operating range as well as low power consumption, small chip size
    Compared with existing products, current consumption of 7202 series has been reduced 90%, and the chip size reduced 40%. Even so, wide range of operating supply voltage(1.6V to 3.63V) and operation temperature(-40℃ to 125℃) are achieved.
  • Excellent frequency temperature characteristics and short oscillation start time
    By utilizing AT-cut crystal, 7202 series is ideal for realizing 32.768kHz output crystal oscillator with excellent frequency temperature characteristics(around 20ppm) and short oscillation start time(several hundred μs) compared with products using tuning-fork type oscillator

Features and specification


7202 chips on a tray

  • Recommended oscillation frequency (Fundamental frequency)
    16.777216MHz (divide-by-512)
    25.165824MHz (divide-by-768)
    33.554432MHz (divide-by-1024)
  • Regulated voltage drive circuit for reduced power consumption:
    A1A ver. Typical: 7μA, VDD=3.3V, no output load
  • Chip size: X=0.55mm,Y=0.55mm (measured between scribe line centers)
  • Supply voltage : 1.6 to 3.63V
  • Output drive capability: ±1mA
  • Output frequency: 32.768kHz
  • Output 3-state function
  • Operating temperature range : – 40 to +125℃
  • Low standby current(oscillator stopped, power saving pull-up resister)
  • Application: General consumer electronic products (smartphone, tablet terminator, etc.)


Device Status Qty/mth
7202Series In progress 2.5million unit/month


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