Reducing environmental loads

In business activities, there are many factors that adversely affect the environment, such as the greenhouse effect, the depletion of the ozone layer, and the acid rain. These factors substantially change as production increases or decreases. Nasushiobara Unit promotes the reduction of the absolute amount of the adverse factors.
As one of such activities, Nasushiobara Unit completely abolished the use of the chlorofluorocarbon chemicals and trichloroethane in 1993, which deplete the ozone layer. Nasushiobara Unit is also working on the reduction of the amount of greenhouse gases (especially carbon dioxide (CO2)), which are causing raises in global temperatures, as well as cutting industrial waste.

Generation of carbon dioxide

Nasushiobara Unit is promoting energy-saving activity and was received the awards of” kanto-tsusho-sangyo kyokucyo” and “sigen-energy-cyo cyoukan”.
Nasushiobara Unit was introduced co-generation sysytem which can supply all of electric-power for plants and it can avoid power failure by lightning in 1999.
CO2 emisson was stable until 2005, because almost of CO2 was generated by this co-generation system’s fuel (LPG). Nasushiobara Unit changed the method for co-generation system to reducing CO2 emmision, as normally use city electric power and use system when get warning for lightning, from 2006 .
Thus, Nasushiobara Unit is controling the energy for reduciong CO2 emmision and save energy.

Consumption of chemicals

Nasushiobara Unit is striving to reduce the amount of chemicals we consume. In addition the reduction of chemical use, we prevent the leakage of the chemicals into wastewater, recycle chemicals, and improve our manufacturing processes. The following graph shows the percentage of consumption of caustic soda to the total amount of chemicals NPC consumes.

Generation of industrial waste

Nasushiobara Unit has been reducing the industrial waste that is generated through our business activities. We also are promoting the recycling of sludge generated in wastewater treatment into raw cement material. The following graph shows the relation between generation of industrial waste and the amount of recycled sludge.

Nasushiobara Unit is endeavoring to eradicate disposal by burial and other methods, of industrial waste and sludge as well as to reduce their amount.